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The only comprehensive safety equipment company that comes to you.



We keep track so you never leave the dock with expired gear.


Gear that goes

above and beyond

USCG regulations

What you get:

Organized Boat Wallet in a custom weather resistant pouch containing emergency instructions, drills & logs, permits & licenses, documentation/state registration, FCC license, EPIRB registration, crew contracts, compass deviation table, waste management plan, marine casualty forms, alcohol test kits, first aid card, coast pilot, light list, COLREGS, tide & current tables, buoy data.


Custom Trauma Kit in a weatherproof case with capability to respond to severe injuries that commonly occur on commercial fishing vessels.


Training: We schedule and deliver mandatory First Aid/CPR/AED/NARCAN and Drill Conductor trainings. We also show you how to use your survival equipment and perform periodic drills with you and your crew.


Service, Installation and Replacement of life raft, EPIRB, hydrostatic releases, life rings and throwables, portable and fixed fire suppression equipment, placards, visual distress signals, dayshapes, sound signaling device, programming of DSC/distress functions into VHF radios, immersion suits, PFDs, carbon monoxide alarms.


New and Existing Vessel Consultation on function and placement of lifesaving equipment, fire fighting, hazard protection, escape routes, anchor, alarms, bilge pumps, marine sanitation systems, lettering and numbers, navigation light array, MOB recovery, float free devices, and more.


Optional Upgrades: AED, NARCAN, higher capacity fire extinguishers, boarding ladder, recovery cradle.

How It Works:

1. Vessel Audit

Our safety technicians will examine the vessel, recording every piece of safety equipment, its age and condition and service dates. Techs will interview the captain and gather information about operating area, crew size, and fisheries.


2. Personalized Quote

The vessel audit will generate a quote for an annual subscription based on the current mix of equipment, what needs service or replacement now, and what’s coming up, plus labor. 


3. Equipment Amortization

Your annual fee will reflect a service and replacement schedule of all equipment. You’ll pay a little ahead each year for your next replacement of each item. By the time your replacements are due, we take care of it.


4. Periodic Vessel Visits

We keep track of your expiration dates. When equipment is due for service or replacement, we come take care of it. We bring loaner equipment so you maintain compliance while your gear is serviced.

Pat Shepard / 207-460-7991

Josh Duym / 207-479-1377

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